Music House Publishing

Hear it Sing it Write it

Develops mastery of sight singing, relative pitch, intervals, rhythms, chord recognition, and chord progressions.

A step by step easy to use system from beginner to advanced.

Uses contemporary styles of music, including Rock, Jazz, Country, Reggae, Blues, Folk, Salsa, R&B, Funk, and Pop.

Student Workbooks

Every book includes 7 chapters of:

  • Daily warm up exercises to master relative, pitch, intervals, modes, and chords
  • Rhythmic exercises and songs to clap, count, conduct, and sing.
  • Chord progressions
  • Classroom dictation, homeworks, and songs for transcription.

Practice CD’s

Each book contains 2 CD’s:
A practice CD and a Homework and Songs CD

  • The Practice CDs have recorded tracks of examples from the books as well as listening exercises to develop aural recognition of pitches, intervals, rhythms, chords and chord progressions.
  • The Homework and Songs CD has homeworks for all of the chapters, designed to develop dictation skills for melody, harmony and rhythm. The CD also contains songs for all chapters. The songs incorporates all of the chapters’ material in a contemporarry song for transcribing.

Teacher's Guide

  • Weekly Classroom dictation
  • Weekly homework assignments
  • Songs to transcribe
  • Quizzes
  • Final Exam.

Daily Warm-Ups

  • Scale and mode exercises
  • Relative pitch exercises
  • Chord type exercises
  • Interval exercises
  • Harmonic exercises.